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About Us
Who Are Pedal Republic?

Based in the North West of England, Pedal Republic was started by Andrew and Richard, two cyclists from Lancashire who also know their way around the world of IT. We are mad about cycling in all it’s forms but always thought that the marketplace side for cycling was too bitty, being made up of random forums, expensive sites, sites that claim to be free but aren’t, closed groups via social media and so on.

With our IT backgrounds we decided to see if we could do something about it. Focussing on the niche that we know best, cycling, we made the decision to create a website that had all the features of a major marketplace but wanted to prove that this could be done as a totally free service. No hidden charges, No limited service unless you upgrade and no up-sell of any description. A platform where free means free!

From 2017 to this year (2019) we worked hard to develop our idea into a fully functioning online auction marketplace which is 100% dedicated to cycling. We believe that Pedal Republic has everything you would normally expect from the giants of the marketplace industry – auction/classifieds/personal account functionality and so on, but with zero expense. It’s totally free to use. That’s free to both private users and the trade. And we believe it has all the buying and selling tools you could wish for. It has been designed to suit cyclists of all backgrounds so give it a go and let us know what you think. We GENUINELY value your input to make the site the best it can be so please support the site and pass on the word to your cycling friends.

What is Pedal Republic?

Pedal Republic is a 100% free Cycling marketplace. As a seller it offers you multiple ways to sell with the ability focus in your advert onto the particular area you are most interested in. And as a buyer, it gives you the facility to narrow your searching down to the cycling you love and being a dedicated cycling platform has been designed to make navigation and browsing intuitive and logical. The site features the following:

  • - Allows you to sell using either Auction or Classified options. With a Make Offer feature also being at your disposal.
  • - User account dashboard featuring all the tools you require to monitor both your buying and selling activity.
  • - Unique Mode Switch allowing you to switch the site to suit your interest Road/MtB/BMX or Vintage.
  • - Service is completely free to both Trade and Private Users. Greatly assists both Local Shops and Private Users alike.
  • - Complete transparency. As we don’t charge anything we don’t hide any information regarding contacting the seller or buyer. We encourage direct communication between you both.
  • - Integrated online payment process for peace of mind or cash transaction facility option if directly meeting face to face. Both routes are catered for giving you complete control over your money and giving your account a full history of whatever transaction option you choose to use.
How Does It Work?

There is a simple signing up process which take minutes and once your account has been verified and approved you are up and away. You don’t need an account to browse and look around the site but you will need an account to sell and purchase directly through the site.

Once you have created your account you will be able to navigate to your Dashboard and see the tools at your disposal. You are able to fully monitor and following everything you do on both the buying and selling sides of your account activity. Features include:

  • Buying: Watchlist/Fav Sellers/Your Offers & Bids/Purchases
  • Selling: Items for Sale/Sold Items/Drafts
  • Messaging/chat tool to communicate between buyer and seller.

In a nutshell.

Sign up and give it a go. It doesn’t cost you a penny!

As mentioned above, we greatly value any input and want to continue to develop and improve the site to make it the best cycling marketplace on the internet. Just like yourselves, we are dedicated cyclists and being only a small team, we are not answerable to shareholders or committees of suits. Our decision making is simple and direct. Your input WILL make a difference. Remember, the site will always stay free across the board for everyone, so give it a go and happy pedalling.

Pedal Republic. Revolution.
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